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As I stood at the wall of the park that overlooked Pilsen in the Czech Republic, I realized that I was hungry and that I should look for some lunch in the town below before looking for the cemetery. I had set out that morning driving from Frankfurt, Germany to the city of Pilsen in search of a cemetery where a friend had been buried six months before. She had died in a terrible accident back ... Continue reading >>
Deborah was a teenager in the nineteen-sixties. In nineteen-sixty-two she was seventeen-years-old. The industrial town where she was raised was hard-core blue-collar. Women knew their place and the bulky men she grew up with were traditional male chauvinistic pigs. That was simply the way it was. On Friday and Saturday evenings, women congregated in the kitchen playing cards after they had ... Continue reading >>
For me, Dan Raymond, the past forty-eight hours had been almost unbelievable. Two days ago, Desmond Greeley, diamond merchant and entrepreneur, had phoned to say he'd enjoyed my last book and had invited me to a party at his luxury mansion. Everything since then seemed to be leading to this gorgeous blonde lady, now squirming and screeching wildly underneath me, as I drove my pounding ... Continue reading >>
Liza smiled, almost running to her room. Once there, she opened her closet and slid all her clothing to the right, reaching into it. Carefully she pulled a few hangers off the hook that was against the back wall. That's where she hid all the sexy dresses that she owned. She wanted to look as sexy as she could get away with. She giggled knowing her mother had no idea about any of the ... Continue reading >>
A few years ago I had a job which came with lots of invitations to swanky dinners and parties. I was expected to go and network on behalf of our company and I was usually happy to have the night out, the great food, wine and on a good night, interesting company.  One December I arrived at yet another work-related Christmas party, my seventh in two weeks when I was really just craving a night ... Continue reading >>
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