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Interracial Homemade Cuckold

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Interracial Homemade Cuckold

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After you came down from your forced orgasm, and all the joyous things you felt, you looked at me with those dark eyes. "Can I suck you?" you asked. "Yes, of course," I replied. "I think that would be kinda nice." "You won't cum in my mouth, though?" you said, your eyes wide with concern. "Not unless you make me cum," I said. "I want you to cum inside me," you replied. "In my pussy." ... Continue reading >>
It had been over a month since I had seen Misty, my second escort and sexual experience. The whole affair had been revelatory, yet it had left me feeling guilty and I decided to abstain from any more working girl visits. But, as I've alluded to before: once you pop, you just can't stop. Life briefly got in the way. I ended up going on a trip for over a week. With the busy schedule and ... Continue reading >>
I'm in front of the large mirror when you enter the bathroom dressed in just your boxers, your hair ruffled from sleep. The air is heavy from my shower a few minutes ago, with a hint of fragrant steam still lingering. I'm stood in┬ámy bra and panties, letting a richly scented body oil sink into my skin before I dress for work. My matching underwear is pale pink, the soft, lace-trimmed ... Continue reading >>
Sarah and Don laid beside each other smiling, their faces flushed. They stayed like that for what seemed like hours until Don's watch beeped. As Don stood up and pulled on his shirt, Sarah lingered on the bed watching him. She loved how sexy Don looked, his cock peeking out from under his shirt. Resisting the urge to put her mouth on it and start something else, she stood up and handed him ... Continue reading >>
The first week of my final year at Norton HighSchool and I was determined that, with my new-found confidence, I would, at last, get to screw Jan Vickley, who I'd lusted after for months. She was the school certainty according to my school mates, who boasted at how they'd parted her thighs so easily. Jan was no raging beauty, but her face, with full lips and a sultry glint in her green ... Continue reading >>
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