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Lesbian sisters have fun while home alone!

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Lesbian sisters have fun while home alone!
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Lucy couldn't believe who grabbed her hand and was leading her away from her friends. It was Amanda Ashbrooke a model that has been on the cover of magazines and have been on the runway a few times. She wasn't as big as Tyra Banks or Kate Upton but she was a rising star in the modeling industry. She made the sports illustrated swimsuit calendars twice and model for the world-famous ... Continue reading >>
It was colder than charity outside our chamber on the morn of Christmas tide. Ealdgyth refused to attend Mass, and when my Lord sent a messenger to order her to do so, she threw her shoes at him. 'Tell my faithless husband that he is in a state of mortal sin! He should not go to Mass. He's a bastard!' With that she threw her shoe at him. No other messenger came. I held my Mistress. ... Continue reading >>
When my eyes focused, I realised that I was not in Miss Susie's suite; there was also a welcome smell of coffee. 'Ah, my darling, you are awake, bless you. I thought it might be easier if I carried you back here to our room. Miss Susie's will resemble the antechamber to Sodom and Gomorrah.' Propping myself up and looking at her, I smiled. 'Thank you darling, and the coffee is a ... Continue reading >>
For my first job out of Junior College, I was lucky enough to land a position with a successful Medical Company as an Ultrasound Tech. I specialize in doing ultrasounds on pregnant women in determining the sex of the expectant child. I thoroughly enjoyed my work as I got to view semi-nude women and have access to their bare abdomens. As a lesbian, this gave me thrills that I would not ... Continue reading >>
'Hoffy, what the fuck is all this crap about your panties being on display in the Prefects' Common Room. Have been slutting around again, you slag.' How like Miss Susie to couch things in the earthy language of her Irish roots. As ever, I was struck by the humour she brought to analyse the signs of the times. I still laugh at her comment that the American President wouldn't have stood ... Continue reading >>
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