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Lesbian sisters have fun while home alone!

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Lesbian sisters have fun while home alone!
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A red-haired girl with a fierce lip ring convinced me to head out into the cold to have a cigarette. I told her I didn't smoke. She insisted and began expressing how she wasn't attracted to the tall and dark stripper of the night.  "Really? You didn't find him hot, even a little bit?" I pressed. "Ughhh... I just can't!" She confirmed. "Why not?"  "I just didn't find him hot. But you are ... Continue reading >>
"Hi, you must be Casey," I greeted her as she dropped her bags. 'Oh, nice tits, and in a tank top?' I thought, glancing at them. "Yes, and you must be Kendra," she added, coming towards me. "Sharon told me I'd be living with you, so I guess you can call me fresh meat here in this sorority," she said, putting her hand out. "What do you mean?" I asked, taking it. She stayed silent and ... Continue reading >>
'Isn't that just a euphemism to hide the fact you are a slut?' That stung. I had deliberately not said anything about my private life to work colleagues because I feared the sort of reaction I had just had from Milly to my saying I was 'polyamorous'; people would not understand. Not only would they not understand, but they would judge. It did not matter how free and easy social liberalism ... Continue reading >>
I step behind you as you stand, trembling slightly. I run my eyes over you, the curve of your ass in the tight black pencil skirt. Your black stocking-clad legs and the shoes with the small heels you wear for work. But you aren't at work. You are dressed in your work clothes so he wouldn't know. The pale blue blouse and black skirt and stockings you wear every day to the office. But today, ... Continue reading >>
I had started at the university during a cool, wet week in late summer, now the seasons had moved on, autumn had arrived in all its glory. The trees had morphed into browns and golds as the leaves started to fall and the temperatures had dropped to give us cool, crisp days. I was walking briskly through the grounds eager to get back to the warmth of my accommodation block. Despite a thick ... Continue reading >>
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