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Lovely cross dressing couple Alden Starr and Chad Diamond

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Lovely cross dressing couple Alden Starr and Chad Diamond
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The Saturday morning after giving Randy a freebie I awoke feeling happy and very horny. I was still lying in bed enjoying the smooth feel of my soft skin and the silk camisole and panty set that I put on before bed.  While I was having a good time with myself and my favorite dildo, I heard a knock on the door.  Leaning towards the window I saw the UPS man walking back towards his truck, and ... Continue reading >>
When I entered college, I was a virgin. Not to say it was particularly unusual; I was a quiet, nerdy kid. I wasn't ugly by any stretch of the imagination, but a little short, not very masculine, a little self-conscious and not hugely used to interacting with girls. I was eager to change this fact, but I felt like something of a romantic; I didn't want a random hook-up, and besides, I ... Continue reading >>
When I arrived home I noticed a note on my computer. It read, "Take off your clothes and put them in the washer. Go to the bathroom and shower, then go to the bedroom and put on the clothes laid out for you. Make sure My toys are prepared and in the right places, then you may join Me in the living room bringing your hood with you and taking your place at My feet (on your knees, hands behind ... Continue reading >>
From the first time I dressed, there was always a sexual element. I used to find the time to wear something feminine and wank myself. It went hand in hand, so to speak. One of the things I loved doing was getting dressed up and laying on my bed with my legs over my head and wanking. When it was time, I would cum in my own mouth. I did it so many times but it was always uncomfortable, but I ... Continue reading >>
I lay there on the floor, my g-string still dangling around my ankles, my vibrator rammed deep inside my ass. My boss Mei had been gone all morning, leaving me vulnerable and exposed in my lace garter chemise set, sheer stockings and high heels.  I lay there staring at myself in one of the mirrors. I felt so feminine and slutty as I wriggled my bum against the floor and rubbed my ... Continue reading >>
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