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Mature Blond of est europe

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Mature Blond of est europe
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The door to the bedroom swings open, banging against the dresser. Two grappling bodies stumble into the room, urgently dismantling clothing. He parts the buttons of her blouse and pushes her bra above her breasts. She slips his shirt over his head and parts his fly before shoving his trousers down past his thighs.  Tongues laced with the bitter tang of liquor and smoke lash and clash, ... Continue reading >>
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My wife, Katie, was furious.  After a brief thrashing in the early afternoon, she gave me the cold shoulder for the remainder of the day.  Well deserved, given that I stumbled into the house at 3 a.m. drunk from a night out with the fellas and smelling stiffly of strippers.  I had been given the okay for a poker night with friends, but she was incredibly unhappy that the evening turned to ... Continue reading >>
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The soft pitter-patter of rain, accompanied by a steady, heavier plop-plop-plop outside, enshrouded the room in isolation. Outside, nature raged and stormed, as if to ward off its two children inside the sheltered space. The room, untroubled by intrusion, was cast in the orange light of the few candles, that had not yet consumed themselves.   Previously, there had been quite the number ... Continue reading >>
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