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Naughty Stepsister Sucks Brother Dry

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"Molly, I have to go to town before the store closes. Mr. Simmons is still working on the pump for the well. See that he gets his check if he finishes before I get back." "Okay, mom. I'll see that he gets it." Mom headed for town and I walked slowly out to the pump house to see how Mr. Simmons was coming along. He had been there most of the day working on our water pump for the well. The ... Continue reading >>
I could not believe that I had done what I'd done. My niece Julia and I had been hanging out with the family during a holiday. She'd made a comment about taking a walk back in the woods. We went back on the property and had been gone for quite some time. I told her that we should head back. She said we could go hang out in the trailer for awhile. Little did I know what direction that would ... Continue reading >>
The Antidote. ┬áThis is a sequel to "The Poisoned Fantasy". You are advised to read that first if you have not done so, though it is not essential. Walking over to her I kneel at her feet and keep my head down. She caresses my hair softly and lovingly as I look at her black sexy heels. Her hand moves down to my cheek and I know the kindness is over as she grips my chin. Forcing me to look up ... Continue reading >>
My name is Jimmy, and since I recently turned forty-two years old, I've been thinking about my first sexual experience, that happened shortly after my sixteenth birthday. I'm happily married now, to my lovely wife, Sarah, and our daughter has just recently moved away to college. I consider myself to be a normal, heterosexual man now, but I still remember when Matt, a good family friend who ... Continue reading >>
Her eyes are just as beautiful as her mother's. She is no doubt her mother's daughter, albeit a younger version of twenty-five years, but she is her daughter. Tears begin to roll down Sara's cheeks as she goes about cleaning the kitchen. She stops in front of the sink, grasps the countertop with both hands and gazes out the window. I'm her father, and I wish I could say something to bring ... Continue reading >>
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