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Naughty Wife Puts On A Show

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Naughty Wife Puts On A Show

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I made the mistake of reading an article I saw online to determine if your spouse was cheating on you. The article gave nine factors to determine if your spouse was cheating on you. My interest was aroused because my wife of twenty years had been acting strange. After I read the article, Jenny scored five of nine. Number one: suspicious calls then acting as they were nothing. Number ... Continue reading >>
Journal Entry: January 21, 2015 Things seem to be getting a bit better in the sex department. I got home today and she was in the kitchen making dinner wearing a nice short sundress. I snuck up behind her and started kissing her neck. I then lifted the sundress up from behind and lowered her panties to the floor. Unzipping my pants, my hard-on sprung out. She didn't resist at all as I ... Continue reading >>
Friday 27th October 2017 As we drove across town, Daryl was making all kinds of small talk. About the school, where he coached, and how his various teams were doing. It all passed in one ear and out the other, my mind all jumbled up and confused, trying to work out whether or not Dave was likely to be home yet, and depending on the situation, how he might react, and what I should do. As ... Continue reading >>
Monday Morning, Nov 20, 2028 Morning did finally come. THE morning! Addie got up, made the kids breakfast, then I took them to school. When I got home, Addie was sitting at her makeup table in a matching sheer red bra and panty set putting on her makeup. Her lips were a gorgeous red and she was working on her eyelashes when I walked in. "I thought about not wearing any underwear, but I ... Continue reading >>
After Molly and I finished our sex, we dressed and waited for Jenny and Craig in their living room. When Jenny and Craig emerged from the bedroom, neither of us said much before walking to our house. When we hit our bedroom, Jenny broke the silence, "Did you have a nice time with Molly tonight?" Jenny asked. "Uh, yeah, it was nice. Can I ask you if this whole thing was planned?" Jenny ... Continue reading >>
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