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Naughty Wife Puts On A Show

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Naughty Wife Puts On A Show

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As my Uber turned the corner, I cast one final fleeting and longing glance back to the delipidated house where my wife Lisa was getting her brains fucked out by Carlos, the young gangbanger from her office, all tattoos and muscles. As we sped away from the scene, I cursed that I had to head home to relieve our babysitter Sharon. The thought that my beautiful thirty-five-year-old wife ... Continue reading >>
"Amanda, seriously is there any way we can call this thing off?" "Alissa, you're being ridiculous. I don't get it, you enjoyed fucking my husband and you didn't seem to have a problem with me fucking your Logan. We're not talking about an orgy, which could be fun. We're talking one-on-one sex." "Yes, with someone I don't know, that is determined by picking keys out of a bowl. I've already ... Continue reading >>
After Jack left, I fell back into a deep sleep. Surprisingly, I didn't wake up when my husband crawled into bed. The room was filled with light when my eyes opened. Logan was next to me asleep, like any other Sunday morning. But this was not any other Sunday morning. It had been just a few hours ago that Jack had been in my bed fucking me and Logan had been in the bed of the hostess of the ... Continue reading >>
Scarsdale, New York: Friday 21st September 2018 Doctor Okafor handed the buff manila envelope to Grace. She looked small, vulnerable and more than a little unwilling. By far the youngest of the four, but the one who hospital protocol said had to accept the test results. Her tummy, her prerogative. Never mind who was paying for the test. She hesitated, nervously holding the envelope in ... Continue reading >>
Scarsdale, New York: Sunday 21st October 2018 Of the four of us, I must have been the last one to see that there was already someone waiting for us in the private room. I was bringing up the rear, Francis up front pushing Grace in the wheelchair and Sue sandwiched in the middle. "James, what are you doing here?" Francis' deep voice boomed out, the tone of his voice matching the ... Continue reading >>
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