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Oh No Daddy Not Again

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When I was sixteen, my father got remarried to this total bitch. I couldn't stand to even hear her voice. She was pretty enough: blonde, 5'6", cute butt and small breasts. I could do nothing right in her eyes; it drove me nuts. Her two little angels from her previous marriage were always getting their way and I was invisible when it came to home life. As the years progressed, so did my ... Continue reading >>
EDEN       I can hear the front door open, the murmur of voices, and I know that the pizza delivery has arrived. Soon, I'll be summoned downstairs for movie night which means that I need to finish getting ready and pronto. Standing in my bedroom, I gaze at my reflection in the floor length mirror examining my appearance for the umpteenth time within the last hour. My black ... Continue reading >>
In Part 1 of my story, I informed the readers that my name is Kayla. I am a black, voluptuous, sixteen-year-old high school student who was introduced by Jordin, a friend of my parents, to dominating mature white men and face sitting them. Jordin helped me get started and let me use her spare bedroom and computer to post ads to attract the men, where I became known by the pseudonym Angel. ... Continue reading >>
I had a happy childhood growing up in Gulfport, Mississippi, living with my parents and older brother in a modest home in a poor part of town. We are a black family, and my father was on partial disability from an industrial accident. He still worked part-time at the Navy base, when he was sobered up from his alcohol addiction. My mother, Liana, worked two jobs, and with both working ... Continue reading >>
It's been about a week since the dick-tease. Nozomi even found herself thinking about it over the following days, laughing a bit to herself in a proud sort of way. She is still surprised how big Darren's dick is and how hard it was when she was resting her feet in his lap. Nozomi definitely wasn't the only one with that last meeting on their mind. Darren can't stop thinking about it. He ... Continue reading >>
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