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Oh No Daddy Not Again

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Kurt was just sixteen and had just graduated high school. His grades were fantastic and college was in his future. He had made a deal with his parents and they were now fulfilling¬†their end of it. They were flying him to Californa to spend two weeks with his relatives. Kurt was a not a typical teenager. In an age of long hair and tie-dyes Kurt different. He kept his hair short and dressed ... Continue reading >>
I hadn't seen Jamie since we were kids. She lived in Texas and I lived in up-state New York, so the first time I laid eyes on her as a teenager my heart skipped a beat and my cock throbbed. - - - - - My mom's sister, Marianne, had married young and moved to Texas with her husband, so we got together for a visit only rarely.once when I was three and too young to remember and once again when ... Continue reading >>
Jim was gone after a Sex-Marathon-Weekend with AJ and me giving us both a plethora of orgasms. Amber Jade my seventeen-year-old step-daughter whom I call AJ and I share him as our lover. Yes, we are bisexual and enjoy each other as well which is a huge turn-on to Jim. Jim is the one who brought us both together so to speak by making us each an insatiable nymphomaniac. I had just taken a ... Continue reading >>
As the BMW comes to a stop in our driveway, what I hear next makes me realize that things just went from bad to pure hell. A shrill voice fills the neighborhood. "Sister Sue, I've missed you so much." Under my breath I mumble, "Oh boy, they brought her." Mom waves for me to join her on the front porch to greet our guests. Rolling my eyes, I realize it's pointless to argue. First thing I ... Continue reading >>
I got married at twenty and divorced at twenty-seven. It was a childless, loveless marriage. Why we got married I can't even say, not now. I can only call it a¬†mistake. I'd say a tragic mistake, but no one was permanently injured, so it was just a routine mistake. The reason it lasted as long as it did was that at that time I was just starting out and barely making ends meet. I was ... Continue reading >>
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