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Petite Blonde First Time Anal

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Petite Blonde First Time Anal
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It all began when I saw two men kissing across the river. They weren't subtle about it. The younger of the two, or at least he looked younger from a distance, was practically fastened to his companion. His hand caressed the other man's bare, hairy chest as they shared a long, lingering kiss. By the end, the young man's hand was massaging the front of his companion's shorts. The older man ... Continue reading >>
Chelsea sat at the table sipping her drink and quietly watching the activity in the bar. As the music blared and the other girls were up dancing and mingling, she sat alone as usual and kept an eye on her friends. She was too shy to try and mix with the guys in the bar. They never approached her or even seem to notice her, especially when her friends were around. While they were all slim ... Continue reading >>
In high school, she acquired the nickname of Geeky Buns. Virtually everyone considered her a total geek, but that did not stop the guys and some girls from checking out her buns. Guys would say, "Damn, she is a total fucking geek, but she has a great ass." Yet none of them ever hit on her.   Later, after high school, she landed a job in a large real estate title company. One day in ... Continue reading >>
A recent business trip to Australia caused me to redefine my definition of pride. Before the trip, I always took pride in my work, my achievements and my ability to focus on my targets and goals. I knew what I needed, what was needed of me and I acted to the best of my ability to fulfil those needs. When one lives life on those terms it becomes very simple.  The Australian trip started as ... Continue reading >>
My heart was still racing; it had been one hell of a day! I'd been having a rough time, but my flatmate Sarah had decided to try and cheer me up, an effort that had involved a fair amount of alcohol and what I assumed to be innocent flirting. However, it hadn't been so innocent after all, as Sarah had joined me in the shower and we had just made each other cum. She moved towards the door, ... Continue reading >>
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