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Petite Blonde First Time Anal

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Petite Blonde First Time Anal
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"You're not a fool. You can sit down, if you'd like." "I'm not keeping you from working on your story?" At a wooden table in the otherwise empty Mystery section of the campus library, Abbey pulled out a chair next to her. "Are you a writer, too?" "Aspiring." He sat and faced her, keeping his voice low. "I have started a bunch of them, but I haven't finished any." "What are they about?" ... Continue reading >>
As experienced with sex as I am, and with all the lovers I manage to fit into my busy life, there's something special about helping a young, good-looking lad to become a man.  At eighteen, Lee is almost an aging virgin these days, but at twenty-nine, I'm definitely 'the older woman.' Knowing what the day held, I had intended to be up early, to be bathed and looking sexy before Lee's arrival ... Continue reading >>
It was a sunny Sunday afternoon in early spring. I was on a long drive home from an out-of-state extended visit and had many hours for my mind to wander. Add that I hadn't had sex of any kind during the prior two weeks; my mind wandered in erotic directions. Funny how the intensity of my fantasies grow inversely proportional to the length of time I go without relief.    It wasn't too ... Continue reading >>
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