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Petite Blonde First Time Anal

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Petite Blonde First Time Anal
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Another uncomfortable college party. Camilla nursed her drink, bobbing her head to the music, feigning enjoyment. She felt like a fool in her skirt and best blouse. Everyone else wore jeans or yoga pants, t-shirts or tight spaghetti-strap tops. She swirled her drink. This is my third, she thought. Better slow down or I'll find myself in trouble. Camilla didn't even know whose house they ... Continue reading >>
I was a high school sophomore of sixteen when I met the guy who would take my virginity.  I knew he would be older because I wanted an experienced lover to teach me the ropes and no ordinary high school boy would be the one to fill that role.  I knew sixteen was problematic, but I looked every bit of eighteen and was confident that I could navigate the issue.   Tall and dark-haired with ... Continue reading >>
The first time I brushed her thigh, goosebumps covered her fair skin. We were out with a group of friends at a restaurant, seated in the corner right next to each other, a large tablecloth draped over our legs. A radiant blue dress tightly wrapped around her body, beautifully showing off her curves. I had accidentally dropped my napkin between us, and upon quickly reaching to grab it, my ... Continue reading >>
It is agreed that the most important part of the body needed for sex is the brain. If a person doesn't have the brain engaged before, during and after sex the result will be less than satisfactory. The greatest aspect of this brain power is the use of fantasy. The little story you keep going in your head leads to a depth of intensity and allows a person to shed inhibitions and just go with it! ... Continue reading >>
"Stop it!" Karl said as he slapped my phone out of my hand. "She's not going to text you back anytime soon."  I stared back at his cold brown eyes. "Fine," I said sitting back in my chair. I looked back over my right shoulder. Kristin was sitting with her friends all of them laughing and conversating with each other.  "Give it a break," Karl said shaking his head. Karl was my best ... Continue reading >>
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