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Petite teen banged by bf after shower

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Frankly the noise was a little too much for me. I'd only agreed to attend because it was Michael's son getting married and he'd asked me to be there. At my age, I'd long outgrown the naughty, rule-breaking fascination of bachelor parties. It was easy to look at the young men there, friends of the groom, see their unabashed antics and foolhardiness, and recall a younger version of myself acting ... Continue reading >>
I had one of the best high school jobs as a movie theatre projectionist. Don't get me wrong, though. There was stress involved, and the nights were long, as I was on the closing shift and had to stay until the last movie ended. But it was great! I could complete my homework, sleep, read a book and occasionally spy on people.   On a particularly uneventful Valentine's Day, I participated in ... Continue reading >>
"I can't believe it," Robin said as we turned off the interstate.  "I am sorry, but I didn't have a choice," I said looking over at the passenger seat.  "Not you, mom," Robin smiled back at me. "Cindy, she hooked up with that guy I was telling you about."  "Oh," I replied. "The guy with the tattoos and the piercings?" I shook my head as I remembered the photo Robin had shown me.  ... Continue reading >>
I pulled into the motel parking lot about 11:30. As I searched the crowded lot for a parking spot somewhere near my room, I caught a glimpse of a couple hurrying into their room only a few doors down from mine. The woman was pretty in a kind of "been married for awhile" kind of way. They looked road worn, as if they'd been traveling all day. The guy was attractive, raw, he was the reason ... Continue reading >>
Dennis Hobson is the well-respected headmaster of the village school. Already in his fifties he is happily married and enjoying a calm and peaceful life that is filled with nature, classical music and literature. One day though, out of the blue, he has a most disturbing run-in with a woman on the train from Manchester to York. Months later the same woman walks into his classroom. She ... Continue reading >>
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