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Petite teen banged by bf after shower

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I pulled into the motel parking lot about 11:30. As I searched the crowded lot for a parking spot somewhere near my room, I caught a glimpse of a couple hurrying into their room only a few doors down from mine. The woman was pretty in a kind of "been married for awhile" kind of way. They looked road worn, as if they'd been traveling all day. The guy was attractive, raw, he was the reason ... Continue reading >>
I sat in the recording studio, thinking what song I would use as inspiration. Then it struck me. The beat played in my head dozens of times. It was the theme of the video game "Pocky and Rocky." I started writing with a smile on my face: "His name is Rocky, he's cocky. He swears there never will be a copy. Which is true, you know what I mean. Have some damn humility! He saw her in the ... Continue reading >>
My wife Jaq is a very sexy fifty-year-old who never fails to surprise me. On a recent trip to a large hotel in town, she surprised me once again.  We had enjoyed a good night out enjoying a show and a few drinks and we returned to our a hotel a little after midnight.    After a final nightcap, we went up to our room, once there we were soon engaging in some sexy play. Jaq was sucking my ... Continue reading >>
You can get a lot done in ten years, and for us, we strived for mediocrity.  It was not as if we gave up on life, we were only thirty; we just liked to flirt with how familiarity bred contempt. Straddling me, the bed groaned, and the dismay of that familiarity dampened the sizzle of excitement.  In the gloom of the morning, her body cast a half-light silhouette.  "Put the light on?" ... Continue reading >>
Cindy stowed the note carefully in her purse and off we went. Both of us were smiling and talking about how we needed to come back to this place again and soon. It had been a few hours on the highway and we came into a small town. Not wanting a restaurant meal, we stopped at the market and picked up some cheese, bread, sliced meats and fresh fruit. Stowing it in the cooler, we soon found ... Continue reading >>
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