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Over the years, June and I have become friends with benefits.  We have had some amazing sexual adventures. June started out as a naive widow and had a metamorphosis into a wanton woman craving to experience everything a sexual life had to offer a person.  Her marriage had been boring and she was making up for lost time. Whenever I heard her car pull into my driveway, there was always ... Continue reading >>
"Strike two!" shouted the umpire as he watched the pitch fly into the catcher's mitt, just inside of the strike zone. In the dugout, Jason nodded in approval as he glanced down to mark the count in his coach's book. Fresh out of his last semester of college, Jason was back home attempting to start his adult life. Graduating wasn't the only hurdle he had to jump. His mind was spinning, ... Continue reading >>
John had gone on tour to surprise Emma, taking her mother Jodi with him. The surprise was on them, discovering Emma had become a sorority slut who was sucking dick at a hot party. John had gotten Jodi to suck his dick next to Emma, who had gone ballistic, dragged him to her bedroom screaming and swearing before proceeding to aggressively mount him twice as she swore at him and generally ... Continue reading >>
Donna was having a frustrating day! Three clients made noises about moving to a new firm, a failed bid to take over PR work for a new client, and a call from the IRS about her ex-husband. "What a messed-up day!" She thought to herself as she tossed her blonde hair over her shoulder and turned her head to back out of her parking space. She clicked on a small tape recorder at the same time ... Continue reading >>
John was the kind of boy most mothers hoped their daughters would go out with: bright, handsome, sporty, a gentleman. It was no surprise he was dating a girl a year ahead of him at school. Emma, who had been a bit of a late developer, was still unattached going into senior year. When John took her on her first date she was shy but started to bloom immediately. First love for her was ... Continue reading >>