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Sexy Teen Couple

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Sexy Teen Couple
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The rain pounded against the Velux window above my head in relentless, hail-like bursts. The journey home from work earlier had been a blur; the dated underground carriage lurching from side to side as I stared through the window at the dark tunnel walls and thought over my options. It was only early evening now, but the sky above was already a murky grey colour and within half an hour it ... Continue reading >>
It had been a good year, under the circumstances.  My one-night stand had disappeared the next day without a single phone call or messages.  I had decided that I need to take a chance at things once in a while instead of just thinking about it.   I went back to work to school to study Computer Technology.  It led me to an internship at a PI firm.  Well, it was one PI. But, he showed me ... Continue reading >>
I could not believe my eyes when the black pickup truck drove up to the farmhouse and their granddaughter hopped out.  Standing by the barn, hitching up the hay wagon to the farm truck, I had to catch my breath when I saw her run up to the porch to greet her grandparents. Her long dusty blonde hair fell below her shoulders, but it was her tight cut-off jeans and equally tight red t-shirt ... Continue reading >>
In the spring of 1976, having passed my twenty-first birthday, I got a part-time job driving for a car service called Lioness Limousine. At that time I was a junior at the City College of New York but I wasn't straining myself with the academic load of being a history major. I figured I might as well get a bit ambitious for once and do something with the spare time that accumulated outside ... Continue reading >>
The driving rain pelted the ground as I emerged from the London Underground and made my way through the crowds of damp commuters towards the office. It was two weeks before Christmas and the shopfronts twinkled with sparkling festoon lighting and colourful gift displays. Despite the terrible weather and the lousy, underpaid job I was headed to, there was nowhere else I'd rather be at that ... Continue reading >>
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