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She vent to a fuck holiday with her crush

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While driving north on Route One, we were stuck in bumper to bumper traffic around LA. The so-called expressway was slow and crowded with cars, trucks, motorcycles and buses. Horns honked and exhaust rose from cars that moved a few feet and then would not budge for five or so minutes. I thought about the people who drove this expressway everyday to work and then back home and imagined the ... Continue reading >>
Linh was my nail technician that I met at the nail salon months ago. She was tiny, I'm guessing 4'-10" and 95 pounds. She seemed like 5'-3" because she always wore high pumps. She was so hot, had a great body and an exceptionally gorgeous ass. She seemed to like to flirt with me in our conversations. She knew I was married but, it wasn't going very well. I loved to go there for my one ... Continue reading >>
The car came to pick me up at six next morning. As instructed by Liam, I had packed an overnight bag, but I still had no idea where we were heading to. The only clue I'd been given was that it involved flying of some kind. Tossing and turning all night, I had fantasised about everything from helicopter rides over central London, to hot air ballooning through the Cotswolds, even wondering for ... Continue reading >>
The rain pounded against the Velux window above my head in relentless, hail-like bursts. The journey home from work earlier had been a blur; the dated underground carriage lurching from side to side as I stared through the window at the dark tunnel walls and thought over my options. It was only early evening now, but the sky above was already a murky grey colour and within half an hour it ... Continue reading >>
"It's not fucking fair," is it? In every major - and even not so major - city, men can go to any number of massage parlors and get their cocks worked along with their backs and legs and arms. Why is it that women can't get the same thing? The experience of an amazing, full body massage that then turns erotic and ends with an explosive, earth-shaking orgasm? It's definitely unfair. It's why ... Continue reading >>
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