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-\ JALEN /- It's the rattling of chains that wakes me, knocks me back down the hill like Sisyphus' fucking bullshit rock. Yea. I know Sisyphus. Paint him black and you get the inner city version where the damn rock is America's racial aggression that never quite dies. Double down by making that sad fuck an addict and shit, there I am, up the hill, down the hill. I groan, head pounding, ... Continue reading >>
I am writing this to not forget the details- the sounds, the scents, the feelings- as they are sure in time to fade and blend into a concept of an event and not the intimate seconds and minutes that changed me. Less than six months ago, being freshly divorced and newly confused with the decisions I made in my life, found myself at an educational conference for work. It was the first time ... Continue reading >>
For the twentieth time in the last half hour, he looked down at his watch.  It was finally getting close to time for her to show up which was good because he didn't think he could stand it much longer.  After many months of chatting online, they were finally going to get to meet! He had flown in the night before and gotten a hotel room one city away from where she lived.  She had agreed to ... Continue reading >>
"Uh fuck!" shouted Lisa in pain, covered in sweat which was raining from her body as she was getting fucked doggystyle on a Sunday night. This time he had done it to her, the whole night she was being thrown around and dominated but this thrust made her scream in pain. The pain was so sharp that her entire upper body collapsed but she was still getting fucked hard. Out of desperation, she ... Continue reading >>
"Lay down on the desk," I ordered, eager to switch roles. He turned and looked at the neat stacks of paper covering the right half of the desk. Before he could even open his mouth to say anything, I swept all of it onto the floor in one huge heap. "Hey, Missy, you're cleaning that up!" he barked. "Not now, Sir," I said as I pushed him onto his back, his legs dangling off the edge of the ... Continue reading >>
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