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9:48 am Heather's heart was racing like a deranged metronome. Time was her enemy, and the life of her mayoral campaign was fading away with each passing second.  Fuck the campaign! My entire life will be in ruins if those pictures get out! Guiding her Audi onto the expressway, she slammed the sole of her five-inch stiletto onto the pedal and the rapid acceleration forced her back into ... Continue reading >>
I was curious as to whether Teresa had followed my instructions. If she wanted me back and for any of my trust in her to return then she would be waiting knelt down naked with her eyes to the ground. I didn't know whether I wanted her waiting or not, she had hurt me. I took my time to adjust my clothes, making sure my smart black jeans were crease free, my white shirt fully buttoned up ... Continue reading >>
In my story "Broken Boundaries" I relayed the story of our first meeting with Mike and Sally. At the end of the night we arranged to meet again. We did meet again a couple of times at the club after that first meeting and they all followed a very similar pattern of us swapping partners in the bar and then spending the evening as two separate couples. This was so natural that on a few ... Continue reading >>
Melissa had been reading all about Roman history and the lifestyles of the emperors and their wives. She had long reached the part about the famous Valeria Messalina, Claudius's third wife who apparently challenged a prostitute to a fucking competition and won. In those days, the wealthiest women were not short of men, but in this day and age, you could wait forever. Melissa had been ... Continue reading >>
97. Angel blinks at the number again to make sure she's not imagining it, that there isn't another digit that she just overlooked. Nope. 97. Holy shit. This number is on her PornHub profile, just below the picture of her standing naked in front of a swimming pool on a beautiful cloudless summer day, naked except for a pink thong hanging off her left ankle, one hand running through her ... Continue reading >>
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