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Stepbro cums on Rharri's round ass

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Chapter 2 - Morning dawns and the rest of my amazing day Morning came way too early, and my eyes opened to find Elaine standing there, looking at us with a secretive smile. "Oh, Elaine, oh..." She smiled, my surrogate mom smiled at me laying naked on the floor with her daughter. "Relax, Brooke, you know some of my secrets, and I know a few of yours. I'm happy for you, more than you will ... Continue reading >>
I'll never forget that October morning watching the red and orange leaves falling to the ground. I stood by the window, thinking about getting older and closer to death. Am I like those leaves fluttering to the ground?  Still not sure what came over me, but the urge to burst out of the rut I was in rose in me like a geyser.  I wanted to do something wild, get away from my monotonous life, ... Continue reading >>
They pulled a polyethylene drop sheet over his body as he lay in the trench. Demonic laughter merged with the sound of heavy plastic. "Dancin' with the devil now, motherfucker," somebody said up above the crinkle. More laughter, voices fading off toward the outer fringes of the junkyard. They left the knife in his thigh, along with three bullets in the trunk of his body. ... Continue reading >>
The door to the bedroom swings open, banging against the dresser. Two grappling bodies stumble into the room, urgently dismantling clothing. He parts the buttons of her blouse and pushes her bra above her breasts. She slips his shirt over his head and parts his fly before shoving his trousers down past his thighs.  Tongues laced with the bitter tang of liquor and smoke lash and clash, ... Continue reading >>
Ever since I started my new job, I'd been getting looks from my male customers and coworkers. At twenty-two, I was one of the youngest women in the store, so naturally that made me stand out a bit anyway.  I worked for a wholesale warehouse on construction products so there was no uniform, just t-shirts and jeans that got covered in dust and dirt everyday. This job also meant I got to work ... Continue reading >>
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