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Stepson Spies On & Fucks His Hot Stepmom Christiana Cinn

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Here I stand. In front of God, the world, and everyone with my mother bent over her great grandmother's tombstone with my cock buried deep inside her soaking wet cunt. How the hell did I get here?  *** My name is Brandon and I was a nineteen-year-old college student at a university in northern Illinois. I'm from a small town in the southern end of the state where my mother lived. At 5'10 ... Continue reading >>
Double date   The unbelievable event of Bobby's eighteen-year-old niece, Jade jerking him off was still fresh on his mind the next day as he sat up from his makeshift bed on the couch. Shit. Where is shit gonna go from here? I don't know, but Lucy can absolutely not find out. He shook his head and went upstairs to wash his face, but ambiguous noise halted him halfway there. Is ... Continue reading >>
She looked gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. The figure-hugging wedding gown clung seductively to her body almost like a second skin, just two barely noticeable swellings around the top of her thighs that marked the top of her hold up stockings, marred the otherwise perfect lines of the expensive silk dress. She smiled at me and held my gaze, her eyes full of promise as I looked at the ... Continue reading >>
My name is Beth. I recently moved to the big city from a small town in Iowa. I really don't know anyone here, except for my co-workers at the large company where I'm employed. They are nice, but none of them are what I would call close friends. I soon discovered that a big city can be a lonely place.  I met Dave through a mutual acquaintance, who introduced us at a party. The ... Continue reading >>
Day One of my fishing trip with my brother Benny couldn't have gone any better even if I would have written the script. I got to give him some road head, dress in some very sexy femwear, and I lost my mancunt virginity all in one day! The second day started out just as good as the previous day, with me in silky camisole waking up spooning with my naked brother who was sporting some ... Continue reading >>
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