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Stepson Spies On & Fucks His Hot Stepmom Christiana Cinn

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Simon did come early, in fact, he arrived at seven o'clock, just as mum and I were getting interested in each other after a night of celibacy. "Go and let him in Michael," mum giggled. "and don't be so grumpy." "For God's sake, mum," I protested as she slipped on a housecoat. "I've got the granddaddy of all erections here." "Well keep it warm and don't forget your car keys as well," ... Continue reading >>
Classes had just let out for summer and I had just gotten out of my junior year. I was decently fit, not too skinny or fat, and not too strong, but not weak either. During my first few years of puberty, I grew in length from about 3 inches, hard, to 8 inches at 18 years old. Quite a few hours were spent the first day releasing some pent up energy, held up from over 6 months of a dry run. ... Continue reading >>
"Please Johnny, please darling, I'll pay you back." She looked awful, sunken eyes in a thin face, loose teeth and scabs that she'd picked at in her frustration. "Mum," I said softly. "I'm not giving you money so you can kill yourself, I'm just not." "It's only a little fix baby," she pleaded. "Please Johnny, I need it." I was almost in tears myself at her plight, I was seventeen, a week ... Continue reading >>
The next morning Laura and I took Oscar a long walk over the fields while mum did her interview with the lovely Linda. This time the dog saw another rabbit and actually chased it, without success though although it boded well for the next time. Mum rang me to say she'd finished after about an hour and that she needed me to run her into town to deposit her cheque. "So take your hands out ... Continue reading >>
I didn't realize it at first.  It wasn't that I was looking for it.  I had just grown so accustomed to finding it that it had just become a habit I did every other day or so.  Then it had gone away and it took me a day or two to realize.  Seeing the laundry stain stick on the counter is actually what triggered me to think about it.  Then I actually had to stop and think back to when the ... Continue reading >>
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