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Taboo playfellow's daughter and dad ' sex while

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Taboo playfellow's daughter and dad ' sex while
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I never really liked the way my wife's sister Joan treated us. She could be cutting and judgmental and always seemed to be looking down at Amy and me. Our kids not doing as well in school and in sports as hers. Our house not as nice as hers. Our careers not as interesting. But as much as I didn't like spending time with her, I have to admit: I was hot for her. I couldn't help myself. She ... Continue reading >>
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Tommy I guess it all started at our parents' funeral. Probably, the roots grew in the decade before as teenagers and the seeds sown even earlier as young children. Like all teenagers, we thought our parents were stupid, we thought we had the upper hand. A perfect example of this was one of us distracting our parents, so the other could sneak some cake out of the kitchen. This illusion ... Continue reading >>
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